Wizard API - Solution design

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The document reports overview the proposed changes in Wizard API and describes individual proposals in detail.

The summary of problems in current wizard's framework is in document Wizard API - Summary of problems. The requirements on proposed changes and the use-cases are summarized in Wizard API - Requirements. The new Wizard API and relevant prototypes are developed in openide/wizards module on branch . Timeframe of planned changes look at Preliminary plan.

Principles of new wizard's framework


The new wizard's framework have to contain:

  • a API from construction, open, control a wizard
  • a infrastructure ensures cooperation between the parts of wizard
  • a step control/management
  • a SPI for wizard's pages providers
  • a SPI for wizard's view (l&f) providers
  • a wizard presenter


Declarative registration


Extend new API with aspects from Templates wizard


How to handles templates with new datasystems?


Project Features

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