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Issue: 32679

As written on Settings Overview page the Registry API is API for unified access to settings in NetBeans, both instance settings and primitive data types settings. For a long time we were thinking about reusing some existing API like JNDI API or Preferences API. But after evaluating them and our needs we decided to create our own API. The Registry API is superset of functionality of Preferences API which in addition supports objects.

The module openide/registry was created. The module:

  • defines Registry API and SPI
  • has basic documentation of the API and SPI
  • implementation part is in separate module core/registry
  • implementation of object persistence is based on the current Datasystems API (short term solution)
  • has JUnit test suit verifying module's functionality
  • documentation is still not perfect
For more details check Registry API JavaDoc.

Merged Contexts

Merged contexts are discussed in issue 34057. Related documents are:

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