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Last modified: June 24, 2003


Unpack the classifier_dist.zip archive into your NetBeans build directory
(e.g. nb_all), so the directory structure is like this:

+- nb_all
   +- classifier
      +- examples
      +- libsrc
      +- src

Make sure you have Ant 1.5.x installed on your system.

Go to the 'classifier' directory and type 'ant'.

The classifier library will be created in directory



Go to the 'examples' directory ant type 'ant'.

The output of the example classification will be printed to the console.


The classification framework currently implements the following features:

- API to query for classifications for a particular object
- SPI to provide external predicates and to construct classifiers
- XML-based language to write classification programs
- Basic algorithm to retrieve classifications for an object
- Handful of predefined external predicates

The following features are NOT yet implemented at this point:

- Ordering of classes in the classification result
- Handling priorities in classification programs
- Handling of URL constants in classification programs
- Listening on changes in the previously classified objects
- Most planned external predicates (e.g. FileSystems API ones)
- Support for changing (reloading/refreshing) the program at runtime
- Regression tests
- Creating the Javadoc by the build
- LookSelector that would select looks based on the classifications


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