The Extended Universal Resource Locator library

The NetBeans Filesystems implementation has been designed to make it separable from the rest of the IDE. The result is that it can be used as a library in other client- or server- side Java applications. We would like to encourage this, as it offers some distinct advantages over direct file access.

NetBeans 3.x uses a concept of a virtual filesystem, in which the user "mounts" directories that contain files the IDE is interested in. The mounting concept is very similar to Unix's concept of mounts. In its usage inside NetBeans, the set of mounted filesystems makes up the classpath for compilation, execution and debugging. NetBeans 4.x does not have user-visible mounts. It continues to use the Filesystems infrastructure internally.

Why use it?

Filesystems are an abstraction on top of (in the case of local files), that provide a number of useful things:

This only scratches the surface of how this library can be useful. For more details, see the download and examples page.

Further information